Winter's a great time to crack a Phat Mongrel!

There’s a new taste sensation sweeping the small and trendy bars of Australia’s capital cities – and it’s only expected to get bigger as the cold and wet of winter rolls in.

It’s Fox Hat Phat Mongrel, a big and bold nitro-charged American-style oatmeal stout from Vale Brewing subsidiary, Fox Hat Brewing.

The product, released in kegs on a national basis back in late April is, according to its creator and Head Brewer at the McLaren Vale-based brewery, Jeff Wright, a new, exciting and innovative craft beer in every sense.

“And Phat Mongrel hits just about every sense,” Jeff said.

“To the eye, the darkness delivered by a whack of black and roasted malts subtly gives way to fine beads of coffee coloured nitro bubbles that rise to a rich and creamy head.

“Then there’s the complex hop aroma that hits you right between the eyes on first sniff.

“Collectively, they prepare you perfectly for a generous and balanced taste with a higher malt character, heightened bitterness and a gentle alcohol warmth at 6.5%.”

Fox Hat Phat Mongrel is the first of four or five different products to be rolled out under the Fox Hat Brewing Company label in the months ahead.

“Since introducing Phat Mongrel into selected venues across the country, we’ve been very happy with its reception,” Jeff added.

“The pick-up has been fantastic, the feedback overwhelmingly positive, and with word-of-mouth driving demand, we’re steadily introducing it into more and more venues across the country.

“And as we head into the wetter and colder months that are traditionally great for stout drinking, we expect we’ll see a lot more beer drinkers cracking a Phat Mongrel!”